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The Night of the Ball

Members of staff will be paid to work for an 11-hour shift and will also receive three additional half hour breaks during the night. A hot meal, snacks and drinks will also be provided in the worker break room. All workers will be paid at least minimum wage for their age category. Positions of responsibility such as the control room and area managers will receive a higher rate of pay. Further information with regards to wages, arrival times and finish times will be released closer to the ball, but before any contracts are signed.

Area Manager

You will be in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly within your designated area. This will include making sure it is kept clean, and that workers take their allotted breaks. You will report directly to the Control Room any issues which may need addressing, and will also be able to re-allocate workers if need be. You’ll need to show attention to detail and initiative, and should enjoy managing people; you will be important in ensuring worker welfare.

Bar Manager

You will ensure the bars of which you are in charge are well-stocked and that the morale of you fellow Bartenders remains high, especially when there is a rush on bars. You will notify the Area Manager if a given bar is particularly busy or quiet so they can re-allocate workers. We are looking for people who enjoy motivating others and keeping an eye on things.

Bar Worker

You will assist professional bar staff in preparing and serving drinks to guests as per their and the Drinks Officer’s instructions, and will restock bars. This is one of the main guest-facing roles and a cheerful and bubbly disposition would be most welcome.

Catering Assistant

You will assist caterers in serving food as per their and the Food Officer’s instructions. This will not involve preparing food. This too is one of the main guest-facing roles and a cheerful and bubbly disposition would be most welcome.


You will assist the Committee in welcoming guests to the Ball and will act as an information point throughout the night. Your responsibilities will also include scanning in workers and letting guests and performers in and out of the Ball. We are looking for friendly and approachable people who will know the Ball inside and out (you will be briefed).

Control Room

You will be based in the main Control Room, coordinating all the worker teams via radio. You will field incoming requests for help and reported issues of all kinds, prioritise them, and action the appropriate team to deal with them. You’ll need to be able to handle pressure, be good at juggling a large number of simultaneous work-streams, have a pleasant radio-manner, and be totally on top of your job all night.

Ents Runner

You will escort performers between their green rooms and their performance areas as per the Ents Officers’ instructions. You will be expected to handle pressure well and to keep to a strict schedule whilst remaining warm and professional.

Glassware Leader

You will be in charge of ensuring your fellow Glass Washers remain in high spirits throughout the Ball and take their allotted breaks. We are looking for energetic people who enjoy motivating others and are able to handle pressure.

Glassware Worker

You will collect dirty glasses, put them in the dishwasher, and take them to bars. This is a highly important operation as it ensures bars are fully-stocked and the Ball’s aesthetic is upheld. This can be physically demanding and hectic at times, but the strong sense of teamwork should help keep you motivated.

Guest Hospitality Leader

You will work closely with the Security Officer and will look out for health and safety hazards by roaming the Ball. You will be in charge of rotating the Guest Hospitality Workers within their areas and of keeping them motivated. We are looking for someone with attention to detail and who enjoys interacting with others.

Guest Hospitality Worker

You will fulfil a guest hospitality role by answering guests’ questions. You will also ensure guests’ safety by watching out for fires and security breaches and will report any health and safety issues, especially broken glass. You will be working closely with the professional security. A friendly and cheerful disposition is important.

Hit Squad Leader

You will be in charge of a small group of workers who will be deployed to address issues as and when they arise. We are looking for adaptable and energetic people, preferably with experience of managing others.

Hit Squad Worker

You will help out with various aspects of the Ball as and when “pressure points” arise. This will range from serving drinks to moving furniture to crowd management. As some tasks are guest-facing, a cheerful disposition would be most welcome.

Lavatory Attendant

You will assist the professional lavatory attendant in tending to the cleanliness of the loos. This will include cleansing the actual toilet itself in each cubicle and removing any paper tissue on the floor of each cubicle; cleaning the vanity area in each trailer; removing used hand towels and placing them in suitable bin liners; and restocking toilet tissues and hand towels.

Punting Chauffeur

Punting chauffeurs will work alongside the punting manager to escort guests down the river, ensure that guests remain safe and provide an enjoyable experience for all guests on punts. Punting experience is required.

Punting Manager

The punting manager will be responsible for the swift and coordinated management of guests on the river throughout the night. They will work with the punting chauffeurs and Trinity May Ball Committee to ensure safety on the punts, and help the night run smoothly.

Stage Manager

You will manage and direct the Ents Runners working backstage and in the green rooms. You will be expected to follow instructions carefully, remain calm under pressure and delegate tasks well. Leadership skills and a professional manner are required.

Ticketing Assistant

You will assist the Ticketing Officers with admitting guests to the Ball. A friendly and professional nature are essential as this is the guests’ first impression of the Ball, as well as the ability to work well under time pressure. Please note that you will only be working between 7pm and 11pm.

Waste Removal Leader

You will be in charge of ensuring your fellow Waste Removal Workers remain in high spirits throughout the Ball and take their allotted breaks. We are looking for energetic people with attention to detail and who enjoy motivating others

Waste Removal Worker

You will empty bins and collect rubbish, and will be in charge of keeping your designated area clean (especially of broken glass!). Your attention to detail is key to upholding the aesthetics of the Ball, and you will be rotating between tending to bins and tending to the cleanliness of specific venues.

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