Ticket Transfer

The Committee recognises that there may be unforeseeable circumstances that prevent ticketholders from attending the Ball.

Should you wish to change the name of the guest accompanying you on the night of the Ball, you will be able to apply for a change from March 1st. This change will incur an administrative charge of £5. This charge will increase to £10 on April 7th.

To perform a guest name change, please fill out the following Google form linked in the button below.

Doubles may be transferred to other members of the University of Cambridge from April 7th 2017 and will incur an administrative charge of £40. Ticket eligibility conditions apply to all transfers. Where an internal double is transferred to a new ticketholder outside of Trinity College, the difference between reduced and standard prices (i.e. £50) must also be paid to reflect the change in ticket category. Alumni double tickets are non-transferable. The transfer will only be registered after all relevant confirmations and payments have been received and cleared. If the ticket includes upgrades, then these must be transferred as well.

Name change has closed.

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